Global Political Economy in the 21st Century: Towards a Critical Research Agenda

New Video from a talk delivered 26 April 2016, at Wills Building, Bristol, and sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Studies/Worldwide Universities Network University of Bristol, and introduced by Professor Paddy Ireland, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law.  

“This lecture is intended to sketch aspects of the interdisciplinary field of global political economy and to make suggestions for a critical pedagogy and research agenda. This will be linked to an effort to conceptualize, outline and interpret some of the constitution, contradictions and governance of actually existing capitalism in the early 21st century, and some of its impacts on politics, society and the integrity of the biosphere. I will argue that a critical, historical perspective on global political economy must be grounded in a comprehensive problématique of our times. I will sketch this problématique by attempting to integrate concepts from ethics, geopolitics, sociology, cultural studies, international and constitutional law as well as political economy to address what I call the geopolitics of capitalist market civilization and a wider global organic crisis.”

PDF of the slides available here

‘EU Trade Policy at the Crossroads’, Vienna 4-6 February 2016

Proceedings from the Vienna Conference on EU Trade Policy has now been published online at the conference website. The conference documentation consists of:

Conference Videos:
Short Conference “Teaser” Video (3 minutes)
Full Conference Video (31 minutes)
Video Opening Event 4.2.2016 (110 minutes), with Stephen Gill, Penny Clarke, John Hilary and Ferdi de Ville.
Video Plenary I, 5.2.2016 (93 minutes) – “The economic effects of new generation FTAs: alternative approaches to impact assessment” with Rudi von Arnim, Frank Ackerman and Sabine Stephan.
Video Plenary II, 5.2.2016 (117 minutes) – “The regulatory agenda of news generation FTAs – Regulatory Convergence or De-Regulation?” with Sheila Jasanoff, Marija Bartl and Jean-Christophe Graz.
Video Plenary III, 6.2.2016 (78 minutes) – “Alternatives and proposals for a more democratic EU Trade Policy” with Alexandra Strickner, Manuel Pérez-Rocha and Christoph Scherrer. See

Interviews with Keynote Speakers (ca. 5 minutes each):
EU Trade Conference 4-6.2.2016, Interview Stephen Gill (York University, Toronto).
EU Trade Conference 4-6.2.2016, Interview Frank Ackerman (Synapse Energy Economics Cambridge/Massachusetts).
EU Trade Conference 4-6.2.2016, Interview Marija Bartl (Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam).
EU Trade Conference 4-6.2.2016, Interview Sheila Jasanoff  (Harvard Kennedy School Cambridge, Massachusetts).
EU Trade Conference 4-6.2.2016, Interview Manuel Pérez-Rocha (Institute for Policy Studies, Washington and Transnational Institute, Amsterdam).

Photo galleries:
Thursday, 4.2.: Public Opening Event
Friday, 5.2.: 1st day of the conference
Saturday, 6.2.: 2nd day of the conference
Powerpoint-presentations and speaking notes of key-note/plenary speakers are available here.  

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