Global Political Economy in the 21st Century: Towards a Critical Research Agenda

New Video from a talk delivered 26 April 2016, at Wills Building, Bristol, and sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Studies/Worldwide Universities Network University of Bristol, and introduced by Professor Paddy Ireland, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law.  

“This lecture is intended to sketch aspects of the interdisciplinary field of global political economy and to make suggestions for a critical pedagogy and research agenda. This will be linked to an effort to conceptualize, outline and interpret some of the constitution, contradictions and governance of actually existing capitalism in the early 21st century, and some of its impacts on politics, society and the integrity of the biosphere. I will argue that a critical, historical perspective on global political economy must be grounded in a comprehensive problématique of our times. I will sketch this problématique by attempting to integrate concepts from ethics, geopolitics, sociology, cultural studies, international and constitutional law as well as political economy to address what I call the geopolitics of capitalist market civilization and a wider global organic crisis.”

PDF of the slides available here