Copies of papers

1. “Gill 2000 Constitution of Global Capitalism” (2000)

I have many requests for this paper which was originally presented at the International Studies Association Annual Convention in Los Angeles in 2000, and subsequently posted on a website called Global Site. Unfortunately appears to have disappeared and as a result I am posting here on my website, and for reasons that escape me, I never tried to have it published.

2. “Gill Barcelona 2018 paper revised” (2018).

This is a historically grounded paper that looks at the long historical sweep of global governance associated with the emergence of merchant, industrial and 20th-century forms of capitalism. It is connected to and builds from my edited work “Critical Perspectives on the Crisis of Global Governance: Reimagining the Future” (Palgrave 2015). The paper was to open the conference of the same name, in Barcelona, (11 & 12 January 2018, Organized by ESADEgeo (ESADE Business School Centre for Global Economy and Geopolitics) and IBEI (Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals).

3. “Bakker & Gill (2017) Three moments of alienation and the crisis of social reproduction” (2017).

Paper and presentation. By Isabella Bakker and Stephen Gill. Presented at the the Symposium “Alienation and Appropriation Today”, University of Liverpool, UK 13 July 2017. This is a brief paper with a sketch of some of our possible ideas concerning the concept of alienation.