After Bush

In November 2008 I gave a short presentation to open the discussions at a conference in Berlin called After Bush. The purpose of the conference was to look forward to the outlook for American domestic and foreign policies following the 2008 Presidential election. For those interested in my arguments about the likely shape of President Obama’s policies, a podcast of my presentation may be downloaded from the Brecht Forum’s website here.

I argued that expectations of significant and progressive change in the main aspects of American economic and foreign policy under the new president were likely to be disappointed. All of the main advisers in his economics team were likely to follow the Wall Street-dominated economic policies that the US has pursued since the Clinton administration, and that were continued through the Bush presidency after 2000. Likewise, American foreign policy – at least in its strategic objectives – was likely to continue since its purpose was to sustain a socio-economic system that consumes the lion’s share of the world’s resources.

The Powerpoint presentation to go along with this podcast can be downloaded here.